Create a Perfect Entertainment Area with Outdoor Lounge Beds

Published: 02nd July 2010
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An exciting new trend in home decoration has become outdoor furniture, especially the outdoor lounge bed. They used to only be found in high end resorts and spas but have made their way to homeowners wanting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

What Exactly is an Outdoor Lounge Bed?

Imagine a four poster bed with a canopy made of weather resistant material - that is an outdoor bed lounge. Also called an "outdoor Honeymoon bed, "outdoor bed lounges come in many styles and are designed for beauty and durability. Some of the outstanding features include:

- Are made in many styles to fit any outdoor décor

- Made specifically for outdoor use and functionality

- Come in many UV, salt and color fade resistant materials

- Come with either sheer or sheltered curtain panels or privacy curtains

- Some are open to the stars or have canopies. Some brands have canopies that can be easily removed or replaced as desired

- Can be found in natural or synthetic frames. Some companies offer frames made from a long lasting wood grain look plastic polymer which resists rotting and can withstand wet climates

Why Have an Out Door Lounge Bed?

With the economy affecting most of us, homeowners have decided that creating a great area to enjoy their "stay-cation" is the perfect solution. Rather than a weekend away at an expensive resort, many are investing in long term relaxation with a luxurious backyard. The outdoor lounge bed brings the luxurious, peaceful, indulgent, get-away-from-it -all feel right to your own backyard or poolside. The honeymoon bed will turn any area from ordinary to extraordinary from a spot under the trees to your patio. Some of the many ways the outdoor bed adds to outdoor décor include:

- A comfortable place for guests to relax

- A quiet place to enjoy a book

- Provides a festive place to enjoy conversations with guest

- Additional seating

- An elegant personal retreat after a long day of work

- A beautiful place to sleep at night and enjoy the cool air

- An affordable and extremely enjoyable escape

- Make your outdoor space more usable

Lounges that Fit Décor

Whatever your outdoor décor or style, outdoor lounges will fit into and add to the atmosphere you have created. Lounge beds come in many styles such as, rustic, Mediterranean, island, romantic, and contemporary. Designs can be simple or quite elaborate, but all add a level of outdoor comfort previously unheard of in most homes.

There are many reasons that the outdoor lounge bed has dramatically gained in popularity. With so many people holding down demanding jobs, it has become necessary to bring more of the things we find relaxing and rejuvenating home to better meet our needs. Creating a home atmosphere that is more than just a place to end the day is becoming increasingly important as our jobs become more draining. The outdoor lounge bed is one of the ways that homeowners are choosing to reward themselves by creating the at home getaway.


Johney Maron enjoys being outdoors and spending time in his backyard with friends and family. To create a relaxing area for everyone to gather he used outdoor lounges and sun beds. From patio umbrellas to luxury outdoor pavilions and cabanas, Tuuci provides the most stylish and durable furniture around!

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